Photos from the Philippines

If you have been following this blog, you would have seen my previous post/rant about my recent trip to the Philippines (previous post: A Very Long Trip Home). I did capture a few images while I was there, that I would like to share with everyone.

Villa Escudero Resort – San Pablo City, Philippines (villaescudero.comVilla Escudero’s Facebook page)












Miscellaneous Pictures in the Philippines







5 years ago, I would have laughed if anyone would have suggested chihuahuas as a good dog for me to own, but here I am now with not one, but two as part of my family. My first chihuahua, Diego, being a rescue taken from an abusive home, really changed my opinion about the breed. I took Diego it and was he part of my life about a year before he passed away. His time with me may have been short, but his character impacted me greatly. Amazingly enough, the two chihuahuas I own now were both given to me free of charge, with no other requirements other than I gave them a loving home.

Not long after Diego’s passing away, someone I met through a chihuahua group (yes, there are groups of people that get together that love chihuahuas – I found this one on, informed me that their long haired chihuahua had just had puppies and said that I could have one of them. Before I the long haired chihuahua pup was old enough for me to take home, another chihuahua owner came into the veterinary clinic I work at and had two short haired chihuahuas that she offered to the clinic staff. One of the puppies found a home with our secretaries – she named him Tanner, and the other went home with me that afternoon – he was named Finley. About a month later, the long haired chihuahua puppies were ready to go to their new homes. The puppy I picked out from the bunch was  the most adventurous of them all. We changed his name to Oliver, not straying too far from his original name of Ollie.

Oliver and Finley have been with me since they were 8 weeks old, and recently had their second birthdays. They have brought a lot of joy into the life of my family these last two years. Despite their small stature, these two chihuahuas have enough character to compensate for their size, and then some!

These are some pics of Finley and Oliver in action:

Would you like to know even more about chihuahuas?!!!

Here are some links that can help:

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I found this photographer on Facebook, when one of my awesome friends shared one of their pictures. Recently, she posted this in her blog and I found some helpful insight that could be applied any business situation. I’ll definitely be considering these things if/when I pursue a business venture of my own. Be sure to take a look at her other blog posts as well, there are quite a few informative posts.


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