A Very Long Trip Home


This morning I arrived home from what has probably been my worst travel experience, up to date. It wasn’t the destination that made it bad. It was the delays I experienced on the way home, that have left me feeling the way I do today. My flight was scheduled to leave Manila, Philippines at 6:30 am a couple of days ago. It was delayed due to some less than desirable weather. A tropical storm hit the Philippines just about the same time I was supposed to flying out, and of course my flight was delayed.

After calling the airline, I was informed that my flight had been rescheduled for 3:55 that afternoon. I showed up to the airport around 1:00 pm to check in. After saying good-bye to my family members that had driven me to the airport, I waited to board my flight. Then I waited some more… And then I waited some more. The flight finally started boarding around 6:30 pm – over 2 hours later than what I was told.
By this time, my connecting flight to New York City, out of Beijing, China, was long gone – it was scheduled for 1:30 pm earlier that day. I didn’t arrive in Beijing until about 1:30 am. The airline provided me with a hotel room for the night, well, half a hotel room. I had to share a room with one of the other passengers that also missed a connecting flight. That wasn’t ideal, but it wasn’t terrible. I was able to take a shower and get some food, but I didn’t get any sleep.

Beijing - hotel lobby

Beijing, China – checking into the hotel

I didn’t get checked into the hotel until about 4:00 am. It had taken that long for me to get through China’s immigration and catch a bus to the hotel. I checked out at 10:00 am to check into my flight scheduled for 1:00 pm – a day later than I was originally supposed to fly out. This plane didn’t take off until 2:30 pm, which seems to be on par with what I had been experiencing with this airline.
It took about 12 hours to get to New York City. After getting through US immigration, I grabbed a cab to Chinatown and was just in time to catch the bus back to Virginia – another 7 hours of travel. I had barely made it in time – the bus had pulled into the station as I was buying my ticket.

I finally arrived in Virginia at around 1:30 am this morning. It was a good feeling to finally be home, but the travel ordeal has take it’s toll on me. Besides being extremely tired, my body was sore. My tailbone ached from sitting for such a long time, my back ached, I’ve got a sore throat, and my nose was beginning to run.
I’m glad to be home. It will take me a few days to get over the jet lag. And before I actually lay down and sleep, I’m going out for hot soup and a sandwich.


Transitions and Codeine – Journal Entry

It’s been far too long since I have written, drawn, or painted. My creativity has been in a stagnant state. My live has been in going through some transitions, while illness has been doing it’s best to keep me from being productive at all. I’ve been contending with a stubborn cough in the midst of starting a new full-time job.

Now that I have adjusted to my new schedule and my infirmity seems to be subsiding – thanks to a trip to the doctor and a handy-dandy prescription of cough syrup and codeine, I am feeling the urge to be creative once again be stirred from within.

Hopefully, these urges deem to be fruitful and I am able to produce something worthwhile of being posted here, or at least I’ll end up consuming my time surfing the endless depths of the internet and find something interesting and/or entertaining enough that I would want to share on this blog. Either way, I’m hoping to break free from this creative stagnancy I have found myself in as of late.

We are now well into the new year and it is my desire that this year will be productive for me creatively, as well as financially. I am optimistic for what the future holds, and am looking forward to sharing the results of my endeavors with you through this blog.

30 Days of Thanksgiving – Day 1

In the month of November, Thanksgiving is celebrated across the nation. I have been inspired by my friends on Facebook to take time each day this month and share something different I am thankful for.

“In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus toward you.”- 1 Thessalonians 5:18 (Literal Translation of the Holy Bible, copyright © 1976-2000 by Jay P. Green, Sr.)

Day 1 (11/1/2012)

I’m thankful for my family and friends, that no matter the distance, are able to be sparks of inspiration in my life and who help fuel my creative urges and my desire to be a better man than I was yesterday. This is the most obvious thing that a person would be grateful for, so I’ll share something else for which I am thankful. I’m thankful the beautiful pink sky I was able to witness this afternoon as the sun was setting. I would have taken a picture of it, but I did not have my camera with my camera with me. Nevertheless, the sight did fill me with a warm fuzzy feeling and a bit of awe at God’s creation. Everyday the sun sets, and everyday a different picture is painted across the sky. Most of all, this “picture” is stretched across the sky in plain view where anyone who takes time to notice it can enjoy it’s beauty.