A deal I couldn’t pass up…

Recently, I was in our local Wally World (that’s what I call Wal-Mart) grabbing a couple of things, when I came across a table marked “Clearance” in the electronics section. Most of the items on it weren’t really of interest to me. The majority of things were outdated gadgets that just didn’t sell well.  There were a few things that must have gotten lost on the back of shelves for years. As I was turning to walk away, I saw something that was hard to believe. I stopped in mid stride and turned my attention back to the table. I walked up to it and picked up a box, checking the price.  It was just as I thought I had seen it.


I have had a good DSLR camera on my wish list for quite a while now. Now here I was, looking at a brand new, sealed in the box,  Nikon D3300 18-55 VR Kit on clearance for $224.50. I paused and pondered for a moment before making a decision. I really wasn’t ready to spend $200, but this was such a great deal,  it was hard to pass up. This camera was being sold for over $200 under market value!

In the end,  I left Wally World that day with a brand new camera. I would have opened it up and played with it right away,  but I had to go to work. I did bring the camera to work with me, and charged the battery under my desk while I was working,  but I wasn’t able to really “play” with my new toy until the next day.


It has been nearly a month now since I made the purchase, and I have taken a few pictures with the camera. I’ve been looking around for accessories to go with the camera, and have a few things marked for later purchases. It appears that I will be spending more on lenses than I did on the camera. I’ll be sure to make updates to this blog, as I pick up new items to go with my camera. Also,  keep an eye out for new pictures taken with the Nikon.


On Growing Up As an Unskinny Asian

Growing up, I was never the skinny kid. I never really considered myself as fat, but all throughout my life I have heard otherwise. Surprisingly, these hurtful words didn’t come from strangers. Most of the time, it was family that would make comments about my weight. I’m sure their intentions were not to be hurtful, but I know that it impacted me negatively, especially in my younger years.

I came across a post on WordPress that reminded me of the struggles with self confidence, and I wanted to share it with all of you. This blog post really hit home for me, because of the cultural background of the poster. I am Filipino, born and raised in these United States of America. Unlike most Filipinos, I am not skinny or short. Check out the following link, and you can see how I relate to what the poster is sharing.

Source: On Growing Up As an Unskinny Asian

Keeping connected

Texting imageI’ll be one of the first people to admit that I love technology. The smart phones people carry with them are full of tools that make everyday life a little bit easier. You have the ability to send a message or talk to friends and family at your fingertips. Also, you can check email, or access the internet while you are on the go. Through social media you can stay connected to friends and family all over the world, as well as re-establish connections with people you haven’t talked to in years. I use a video chat program to communicate with people on the other side of the world on a regular basis. Through the internet, you can learn about just about anything you want, just by doing a simple search, and more than likely, somebody has created a tutorial video walking you through it step-by-step.

As awesome as technology is, it does have negative impacts on society. I previously posted something on my blog about how texting has impacted the way people spell. Almost daily, I avoid accidents as I drive to and from work that would have been caused by people too distracted by their cell phones to care that they almost sideswiped me. I increasingly see people too entranced by their phones to even acknowledge the people around them. It’s beyond my understanding when I see someone meets with friends for dinner, but then when they get the restaurant, instead of talking, all of them are too busy reading messages on their phones – barely looking up to even give their orders to the restaurant’s wait staff.

I find it disheartening that the technology that can link people across the globe, also has the ability to distance us from those that are in the same room from us. The fact that this is happening is not the most disturbing part. The thing that bothers me the most, is that the majority of people are oblivious that it is happening. People are too busy checking their messages or browsing the internet to even notice they are barely communicating with the people they see on a daily basis. People are too distracted by hand held technology, to talk with bank tellers, cashiers, waiters, and other people that are trying to serve them. Instead of

I can admit to being sucked into the technological trance myself, but I also like to disconnect from the tethers that binds us to our gadgets at times. Even a little break from it, allows me to reconnect with the world around me; to genuinely enjoy the people and things around me. It would be beneficial to each of us as individuals and to society as a whole, if we all took a little bit of time away from the technology that captivates so much of our attention and instead, focus on nurturing relationships with those around us. The “human” connection we all need, is being neglected more and more often due to our emersion into technology.

Today’s technology is a great tool for allowing us to keep in touch with friends and family across the globe, but we must not allow the same technology to hamper the relationships we have with those around us. Put the cell phone away when possible, and allow yourself to become better connected to the world around you; better yet, leave your cell phone at home for a day or two. I have found being away from technology for a while to be a liberating experience. Instead of checking my messages, email, or social media  while I was waiting for food at a restaurant, I found myself starting conversation with whoever was around me. While cell phone technology is a convenient way to communicate, it will never be able to replace the experience of speaking with people face to face – it is next to impossible to develop that kind of a personal connection any other way.

This is not a topic that I give much thought to in my everyday life, but I probably should take more time to ponder  on it. The link below is what prompted me to write this post. It was shared on Facebook by one of my friends, but originally found on Distractify:

Restaurant Watches Old Surveillance and Shares Shocking Results On Craigslist

Rescuing Riley

Here’s an amazing story I found on YouTube, of a dog was rescued from a 350 foot slot canyon. The video shows where Riley was discovered and rescued by Zachary Anderegg. Zachary went on to write a book about Riley’s rescue, his struggles growing up with bullying, and a household lacking the love a child needs.

 Zachary Andregg currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is a Marine veteran, that has owned two successful businesses – Dream Catcher Yachts and The Wrench-It Center – with is wife, Michelle. While he was exploring a slot canyon in Page, Arizona, he found Riley in 2010. Zachary has appeared with Riley and Michelle on Inside Edition, The Today Show, and The Ellen Degeneres Show.

 Zachary Anderegg’s book is available to purchase at:

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