A Different Way

What does tomorrow hold?
No one really knows,
But we all find out
As the days unfold

You can make plans,
But they might fall through
Not everything can be controlled
By our mortal hands
Challenges will always arise,
Life won’t always be easy
Keep moving forward,
Keep your eyes on the prize

The moon will rise after the setting of the sun   
Time will always move on, 
You can’t get where you’re going in life,
If you have never even begun

There is no way things can improve,
If changes aren’t made                                                                                                    
You can’t make progress,
If you’re not willing to make a move                 
Start making changes today,
For tomorrow  is promised to no one
If things aren’t working out for you,
It might be time to look for a different way 


What’s Your Story?

Life isn’t always dandy,
Life isn’t always good and well,
There are times when I  stumbled,
There are times when I fell

You can’t always predict the future,
Things don’t always go as planned,
Sometimes you’ve got a fall a few times,
Before you have the strength stand

Sometimes you’ve got to bend a little,
In order to not break,
But don’t compromise your values,
For convenience sake

Stand for what you believe in,
Stand for what is just and right,
When darkness is encroaching,
Stand strong and be the light

Life isn’t always dandy,
Life isn’t always good and well,
Will you give up and to your knees crumble and fall?
Will let yourself be hindered… or will you excel?
Will you stand strong? Can you persevere through it all?
You have the power to decide what story your life will tell

Here I Am (I’m On My Way)

There has been a rekindling of the passion,
Of the talents that have been placed deep inside,
I’m feeling the growing anticipation,
Of what the future holds on life’s rollercoaster ride

Some life altering decisions have to be made,
Work, leisure, and faith – life rearranged,
I’ve been taking steps towards a new direction,
I have realized that things need to be changed

I’m tired of living my life like it was,
And I’m pursuing my life as it should be,
I can’t be satisfied with mediocrity,
When I know the potential that’s inside of me

So here I am,
I’m on my way,
To things I have yet to dream about,
To things beyond my thoughts and imagination,

So here I am,
I’m on my way,
To overcoming my fears and doubt,
To fulfilling the reason of my creation

You’ve Got To Focus

Living a life feeling frustrated,
Knowing you’re not yet doing the things,
That for which you were created

Potential yet unfulfilled,
Talents yearning to be shared,
Gifts that will leave people awed, inspired, and thrilled

I know it’s hard to keep your head up,
And keep shooting for the stars,
When there are so many obstacles in the way

You’ve just got to keep putting one foot in front of the other,
And keep pushing through,
For a better tomorrow, you’ve got to focus on a better today