A deal I couldn’t pass up…

Recently, I was in our local Wally World (that’s what I call Wal-Mart) grabbing a couple of things, when I came across a table marked “Clearance” in the electronics section. Most of the items on it weren’t really of interest to me. The majority of things were outdated gadgets that just didn’t sell well.  There were a few things that must have gotten lost on the back of shelves for years. As I was turning to walk away, I saw something that was hard to believe. I stopped in mid stride and turned my attention back to the table. I walked up to it and picked up a box, checking the price.  It was just as I thought I had seen it.


I have had a good DSLR camera on my wish list for quite a while now. Now here I was, looking at a brand new, sealed in the box,  Nikon D3300 18-55 VR Kit on clearance for $224.50. I paused and pondered for a moment before making a decision. I really wasn’t ready to spend $200, but this was such a great deal,  it was hard to pass up. This camera was being sold for over $200 under market value!

In the end,  I left Wally World that day with a brand new camera. I would have opened it up and played with it right away,  but I had to go to work. I did bring the camera to work with me, and charged the battery under my desk while I was working,  but I wasn’t able to really “play” with my new toy until the next day.


It has been nearly a month now since I made the purchase, and I have taken a few pictures with the camera. I’ve been looking around for accessories to go with the camera, and have a few things marked for later purchases. It appears that I will be spending more on lenses than I did on the camera. I’ll be sure to make updates to this blog, as I pick up new items to go with my camera. Also,  keep an eye out for new pictures taken with the Nikon.


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