On Growing Up As an Unskinny Asian

Growing up, I was never the skinny kid. I never really considered myself as fat, but all throughout my life I have heard otherwise. Surprisingly, these hurtful words didn’t come from strangers. Most of the time, it was family that would make comments about my weight. I’m sure their intentions were not to be hurtful, but I know that it impacted me negatively, especially in my younger years.

I came across a post on WordPress that reminded me of the struggles with self confidence, and I wanted to share it with all of you. This blog post really hit home for me, because of the cultural background of the poster. I am Filipino, born and raised in these United States of America. Unlike most Filipinos, I am not skinny or short. Check out the following link, and you can see how I relate to what the poster is sharing.

Source: On Growing Up As an Unskinny Asian