Transitions and Codeine – Journal Entry

It’s been far too long since I have written, drawn, or painted. My creativity has been in a stagnant state. My live has been in going through some transitions, while illness has been doing it’s best to keep me from being productive at all. I’ve been contending with a stubborn cough in the midst of starting a new full-time job.

Now that I have adjusted to my new schedule and my infirmity seems to be subsiding – thanks to a trip to the doctor and a handy-dandy prescription of cough syrup and codeine, I am feeling the urge to be creative once again be stirred from within.

Hopefully, these urges deem to be fruitful and I am able to produce something worthwhile of being posted here, or at least I’ll end up consuming my time surfing the endless depths of the internet and find something interesting and/or entertaining enough that I would want to share on this blog. Either way, I’m hoping to break free from this creative stagnancy I have found myself in as of late.

We are now well into the new year and it is my desire that this year will be productive for me creatively, as well as financially. I am optimistic for what the future holds, and am looking forward to sharing the results of my endeavors with you through this blog.