30 Days of Thanksgiving (Day 8 and 9)

I’m slacking a little bit and didn’t post anything for yesterday, so I’m making up for it and posting double the thanks tonight!
Day 8 (11/8/2012)

I’m thankful that I can learn just about anything through the tutorials that are available on YouTube. Recently, I have picked up the guitar and have now learned how to play an actual song on it, thanks to a video tutorial I found on YouTube. I’ve also found information on working with fiberglass (for a speaker box) and even building your own wind turbine. Knowledge is power!

Day 9 (11/9/2012)

I’m thankful for those quiet moments where I don’t have to do anything. I know I have my household responsibilities, work, church/God time, friends, and my creative endeavors to divide my time among, but every now and again it is nice to do absolutely nothing at all.


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