Here I Am (I’m On My Way)

There has been a rekindling of the passion,
Of the talents that have been placed deep inside,
I’m feeling the growing anticipation,
Of what the future holds on life’s rollercoaster ride

Some life altering decisions have to be made,
Work, leisure, and faith Рlife rearranged,
I’ve been taking steps towards a new direction,
I have realized that things need to be changed

I’m tired of living my life like it was,
And I’m pursuing my life as it should be,
I can’t be satisfied with¬†mediocrity,
When I know the potential that’s inside of me

So here I am,
I’m on my way,
To things I have yet to dream about,
To things beyond my thoughts and imagination,

So here I am,
I’m on my way,
To overcoming my fears and doubt,
To fulfilling the reason of my creation


Reblogged: 3 Things I Screwed Up in My New Photography Business

I found this photographer on Facebook, when one of my awesome friends shared one of their pictures. Recently, she posted this in her blog and I found some helpful insight that could be applied any business situation. I’ll definitely be considering these things if/when I pursue a business venture of my own. Be sure to take a look at her other blog posts as well, there are quite a few informative posts.


Here’s a link to the blog posting I’m talking about:

3 Things I Screwed Up in My New Photography Business (

Crystal Clear

Last night, I was at Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA to see Heidi Baker (she’s an awesome missionary) speak. These chandeliers were in the lobby of the building we were in, I took out my cell phone and snapped these pics. I wish I had my other camera with me, but sometimes you’ve got to make due with what you have. (taken with a LG Optimus S)