Amazing Cover Song

I’m sure just about all of you have heard LFMAO’s song “Sexy and I Know It”, but I stumbled upon a cover version of it that completely changes the essence of the song (in a good way). ¬†You’ve got to listen to it yourself to understand. I took a look at some of the other songs this guy has covered, all of them are pretty amazing renditions. Enjoy!


Life Goes On

Sometimes the plans you make just don’t as well as you have hoped. That is certainly the case in my situation. A few months ago I posted a couple of journal entries talking about my plans to relocate to California. Unfortunately, I was never able to go through with those plans. The job I thought I had never came to be, and without a viable source of income it would be crazy for me to move across the country. So here I am, still in Virginia, still looking for a better source of income or a way to supplement the income that’s available to me now.

I was looking forward to making the cross-country drive and moving to California, but life must go on. Despite the disappointment, I will continue to seek inspiration and keep on being creative, albeit capriciously. I would love to be able to make money doing what I love, but until then I’ll pretty much do anything (legally and within reason) to make ends meet and when I have new writings or art to share, I’ll be sure to post it here.