The Time Has Come

I’ve been stuck in a moment of time,
Even without me, life seems to go on,
Days go into night,
And dusk goes into dawn,
There’s nothing to be said,
You’ve been played like a pawn

The time has come,
These are the last days,
The time has come,
For me to change my ways,
To find some focus,
And snap out of this daze,
To clear my head,
And find a way out of the haze

These are my last days,
It’s time to finally set things right,
To right the wrongs I’ve done in my life,
And stand up for what I believe; not give up the fight,
The darkness will come,
Like a theif in the night,
Storms will blow through,
Wind and strong rain try to snuff out the light

Stand strong on the truth,
For the truth will never faulter,
Like the most seaworthy of ships,
Pushing through rough water,
Find strenth for the ones you love,
Friend, parent, spouse, son, or daughter

You may not like who or what you’ve become,
But who says you have to say that way,
The road to redemtion may not be easy,
Take it one step at a time, day by day,
Truth’s eyes see who you really are,
No matter what others might say


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