A Better World

Take a look at the news and what do you see?
War, disease, famine
What’s wrong with this world?
Let’s take a momen to examine

People always say they want to make it better,
Beauty queen’s talk about world peace,
But how many of us actually do something about it?
How many of us get through life doing the very least?

Take a moment to help someone in need,
Go out of your way to do what you know is right,
Don’t rush head first into battle,
If there are ways to resolve things without a fight

It’s not always easy being the “better man”,
But maturity means knowing you can’t always have your way,
Sometimes the biggest effect you can have on others,
Is how you carry yourself; how you act and what you say

The world may not be perfect,
You can’t control what others do,
Just remember that in the end,
A better world starts with you


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