Thank You MLK

Today – Monday, January 16, 2012 – America remembers Martin Luther Ling, Jr. I hear and see people all over the place saying, “Remember what MLK did for the blacks.”, but I can’t help but think Martin Luther King, Jr. did not do what he did just for the blacks. He did it for all people – no matter what their ethnicity. America has never been just black and white. Today, even more so than the past, America is a melting pot of peoples from all over the world.

I am an example of an individual that doesn’t fit in the black or white category, but am very much an American. I was born and raised in these United States, although my parents both came to America, as immigrants, years ago. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s actions impacted my life, as much as the lives of any if my black friends and acquaintances. A segregated America would have been as bad, or worse, for those if us who aren’t black or white, as it would have been for blacks.

I would like to say, “Thank you Martin Luther King, Jr.”, not for what he did for blacks, but for what he did for humanity. He laid down his life yo stand up for a belief that all men are created equal, anf his dream of a world where that belief would be come a reality.


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