Against the Current

Swimming against the current,
Fighting the flow of the stream,
Doing the things you do,
Trying to fulfill a dream

Life is throwing curve balls,
And you want to hit a pop fly,
Things are getting harder,
So the harder you’ll have to try

Take a moment to catch your breathe,
Before the moment is gone,
Things go by so quickly,
You’ll miss them if you yawn

As time surely passes by,
The cement will slowly harden,
To hamper you or to used as a base,
It’s up to you how or when

Build from your past,
Learn from the mistakes that have been made,
Whether the mistakes are yours or not,
Earn from the debts that have been paid

The elevator may be broken,
But there’s always the stairs,
Take it one step at a time,
And learn to face your fears

The current may be overwhelming,
So don’t be afraid to reach out a hand,
Things always work out,
Though not always as may have been planned


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