Sleepless Night

-written on May 23, 2011-

As I lie myself down to snooze,
A little rest I’m bound to lose

While visions of you run through my head,
I lie here awake in my bed

My eyes are closed and I’m thinking of you,
Wondering if you just might be thinking of me too

It’s late now, past time to sleep,
The house is quiet, I can’t hear a peep

Although I may toss and turn,
Please rest well my dear,
The night is almost over,
And morning’s light is now near

The sun’s rays will soon light up the day,
When I let you read this poem,
I’ll sit quietly, listening to what you have to say

Until then, awake in bed I will lie,
Waiting for a new morning,
Waiting for the sun’s rise in the sky


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