What Next?

Simply misunderstood,
When things get blown out of proportion,
There’s no room for reason,
When vision is clouded by distortion

I lost my cool,
A product of being frustrated,
My words seemed pointless,
Even while the truth was being stated

All I want to do is fix things,
But there’s only so much I can do,
And I’ll do all I can,
Just to make it right with you

Everything has been said and done,
All I can do now is wait,
What happens next is out of my hands,
Now all I can do is wait


The Time Has Come

I’ve been stuck in a moment of time,
Even without me, life seems to go on,
Days go into night,
And dusk goes into dawn,
There’s nothing to be said,
You’ve been played like a pawn

The time has come,
These are the last days,
The time has come,
For me to change my ways,
To find some focus,
And snap out of this daze,
To clear my head,
And find a way out of the haze

These are my last days,
It’s time to finally set things right,
To right the wrongs I’ve done in my life,
And stand up for what I believe; not give up the fight,
The darkness will come,
Like a theif in the night,
Storms will blow through,
Wind and strong rain try to snuff out the light

Stand strong on the truth,
For the truth will never faulter,
Like the most seaworthy of ships,
Pushing through rough water,
Find strenth for the ones you love,
Friend, parent, spouse, son, or daughter

You may not like who or what you’ve become,
But who says you have to say that way,
The road to redemtion may not be easy,
Take it one step at a time, day by day,
Truth’s eyes see who you really are,
No matter what others might say


Incomplete and alone,
Is how I’m feeling,
As I stare off into space,
Inside, emotions send me reeling,
Outside, a facade,
Masking the issues with which I’m dealing

What is left?
…an empty shell of the man I used to be?
There’s no one to blame,
Now the blame is put all on me,
Bleeding and tossed aside,
I’m wounded… I’m broken… Why can’t you see?

A Better World

Take a look at the news and what do you see?
War, disease, famine
What’s wrong with this world?
Let’s take a momen to examine

People always say they want to make it better,
Beauty queen’s talk about world peace,
But how many of us actually do something about it?
How many of us get through life doing the very least?

Take a moment to help someone in need,
Go out of your way to do what you know is right,
Don’t rush head first into battle,
If there are ways to resolve things without a fight

It’s not always easy being the “better man”,
But maturity means knowing you can’t always have your way,
Sometimes the biggest effect you can have on others,
Is how you carry yourself; how you act and what you say

The world may not be perfect,
You can’t control what others do,
Just remember that in the end,
A better world starts with you